Vikings, Pirates, Power Rangers and More! OH MY!

Hi Everyone! Hope you enjoyed the first post I made, and what do you know, I quickly came up with more awesome news and links basically as soon as I wrote that, so here’s post #2!

This week started off for me with VIKINGS in the news! Now I don’t know what you all know about Vikings, but there are so many misconceptions about them out there, your minds will be blown once you read up on them, I really urge you to! Continue reading

First attempt at a blog page, or A glimpse into Sarah’s Crazy Little World

Well, I am an avid follower of the GrilledShane page (or more depends on who or what you know…..), and inspired by his “Grilled Cheese Roundups”, I was saying I would like to possibly have a blog entirely devoted to stories and articles I come across and peak my interests, being able to share with all my friends and even more without make a ton of obnoxious posts on Facebook and such. Mentioning this to GrilledShane, he said, here, I’ll let you have a blog off of my site. However, I’ve got a  pretty diverse and random range of things that interest me, so I was like, “Are you sure?” “Why not?” So here I am. I hope you appreciate these stories as much as I did, and if you don’t and they offend you, then I am sorry. Wondering what I am talking about? Then read on. Hope you can gather as we go along about me, I could go on introducing myself/setting this up more, but let’s get to the links! :)

(Disclaimer: I kinda found the first few in succession to each other on the Discover Magazine page, but I liked!) Continue reading