About Meeeeee!

Well to start off, I’m Sarah, if you didn’t guess that already. I’m always up for adding to my quest for knowledge and I love sharing it with others. So my aim with this blog is to share the knowledge and invoke discussion with both my friends and hopefully an even larger audience.

I have a very random array of topics I like to post about that will explain more about me and what I like, which include, but limited to: archaeology, osteology, forensic anthropology,history, Anglo-Saxon and Medieval History, animals, TURTLES, travel, Vikings, PIRATES, weird and interesting news, current issues, and so on and so forth. I also love my friends and family and may tend to brag about them if the moment permits that too! :)

Oh and by the way, I love food! :p I’m also always looking for new dishes to try, or re-create yummy foods I have partaken. I especially like cheese and the creamy goodness it adds to food. HOWEVER, I leave the cheese and food blogging to the special guy we all know as GrilledShane. He does that stuff better than I can :p. Oh, and did I mention, I’ve got a HUGE crush on him, but don’t tell him I said that!

Sometimes I’m so hardcore, I even confuse real Vikings. (At the Jorvik Viking Centre, York, UK in November 2009)

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