So obviously, most of November has pretty much gotten away from me, and I have a pile of links and thoughts to share that have been sitting for awhile here. I’ve finally decided to sit down and share, hopefully some of these stories are not considered “old” news yet!

Sadly, even close to a month later, we still cannot turn on our televisions without seeing images of the ravages of Hurricane Sandy. Though I live nowhere near the areas affected, I do have some family and friends who do, as my mom and aunt spent their formative years growing up on the New Jersey shore, and friends still there have been posting photos of the effects on their old haunts. This story though, talks about how the damage of Sandy helped one New England city relocate where its earliest settlers were buried. Sometimes in the midst of development and sprawl, town origins begin to become forgotten, and accidents of nature like this help people remember.

I also recently read this story about a small child falling into an African Wild Dog exhibit at the Pittsburgh Zoo and being mauled to death. I am aghast at not only that it happened, that this child’s parent even let them be in the situation in which allowed this to happen, but the fact that the Pittsburgh Zoo is such a great place and growing up not too far away from there, I regularly visited a smaller nearby zoo that now has these creatures. If safety of visitors with the Dogs at a large zoo, are they going to start questioning the safety of smaller zoos that also have them?

Ok, maybe I wouldn’t want to cross one of these, but sometimes its not entirely their fault

Now call me a dork, but I love finding cool cemeteries and burial grounds to visit when I travel, and here are some catacombs and cryptsI have yet to visit next time I use my passport!

Fancy a visit? I do! :)

Speaking of cool bones and such, check out this oldest (real) giant’s skeleton found in Rome. I’m really interested in stories like this, when skeletons with skeletal abnormalities and conditions are unearthed, as it really makes one consider how/what that individual’s treatment was in their society. Interestingly enough, I’ve actually met a couple modern Italians that would have actually looked this dude straight in the eye!

Thats-a some-a meatball!


If talks of bones and death bring you down at all, then please take a moment for your daily SQUEEE by checking out these cute animals dressed up for Halloween, and you know what, look at these guys too!

Meet Squeakins, Harry Potter’s little-known pet guinea pig

Oh, yeah and I also wanted to get these stories up as the next week or two should be bringing an extra-special post, that is if all goes to plan ;)

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is ready to get back to work tomorrow! :)

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