First attempt at a blog page, or A glimpse into Sarah’s Crazy Little World

Well, I am an avid follower of the GrilledShane page (or more depends on who or what you know…..), and inspired by his “Grilled Cheese Roundups”, I was saying I would like to possibly have a blog entirely devoted to stories and articles I come across and peak my interests, being able to share with all my friends and even more without make a ton of obnoxious posts on Facebook and such. Mentioning this to GrilledShane, he said, here, I’ll let you have a blog off of my site. However, I’ve got a  pretty diverse and random range of things that interest me, so I was like, “Are you sure?” “Why not?” So here I am. I hope you appreciate these stories as much as I did, and if you don’t and they offend you, then I am sorry. Wondering what I am talking about? Then read on. Hope you can gather as we go along about me, I could go on introducing myself/setting this up more, but let’s get to the links! :)

(Disclaimer: I kinda found the first few in succession to each other on the Discover Magazine page, but I liked!)

You would think these historical figures were expecting to rest in peace forever when they died. Well, I guess they did not expect people of the future would want to poke around and really figure out more about them, let alone have the technology to find them and find out what killed them. 


AHHHHHH Dissection! We’ve all been there, having taken some biology or anatomy class in high school where you have to dissect a frog, cat, earthworm, dogfish (shark), fetal pig, and/or some sheep heart or eye. Always been a fun time by all, including myself, who forcibly was enrolled in Anatomy during Junior year of high school and literally cried the first day they brought out the cats we had to dissect. So I eventually got over that and what did I do? Signed up for Anatomy II Senior year, then later in grad school,…..well, you will see…..

In college, I lived among a bunch of pre-med majors, and those pre-med majors obviously went to medical school and promptly took human anatomy their first year. I really wondered how they could do that, cutting open another human, and commended then for being in medical school in the first place, as I don’t know how I could ever do it (and now I have my pick of trustworthy doctors to choose from! :) )

And then I went to grad school. Now I did not go for anything medical, but I ended up getting into one of the few non-medical programs in the world that in its course listings include, you guessed it, Human Anatomy, complete with dissection lab of cadavers. So I can say I’ve joined the cadaver dissection club, and I can say it was a really awesome hands-on learning experience I’m glad I had. So when I saw this, I thought this was share-worthy as these photos show exactly WHY we have to sign a confidentiality/respect of the body waiver before participating in a cadaver dissection.

Sometimes the formaldehyde and preservative chemicals do get to you, and you are totally entitled to a breather. However, that doesn’t mean you take the cadaver outside with you…..

Ok, one thing you have to know about me, am a Medieval History nut! Now I’m not into dressing up and role-playing at Ren Fests, but I would gladly go as a non-participatory, modern-clothed observer, if I ever had the opportunity to go to one. I would say this interest is the result of a refining of my fairy tales and Disney Princesses obsession growing up that only was strengthened when I took college Medieval History courses (which you would think would have bursted my bubble or something).

Everyone knows about the Black Death, which pretty much wiped out a third of Europe’s population between 1347-1350, and though you would think a disease that would have this amount of effect would be pretty strong. Apparently not……

Dancing Skeletons Make me Smile :)

Ok, enough with dead things and dead people for now. I have been following this story since last week when my mother asked me if I heard about this. Now with this latest development, all I can think about is if the fisherman who caught this is aware to this whole thing and if/what he thinks about this at all. Is he rolling on the floor laughing at the hub-bub this eye he threw overboard has caused, or is he thoroughly embarrassed here? haha gives me such a lol moment at the thought.

I have to admit, this kinda freaks me out and keeps me entranced at the same time


Last post, I promise. If there is one animal I absolutely love in this world, it would be turtles, and according to this article, Paul McCartney loves turtles too! In April 2011, I was able to visit the Sea Turtle Hospital in the Florida Keys, and it was definitely something I crossed off my bucket list. I would suggest you sign this petition too if you also love the turtles :)

I love turtles so much, I would totally have a sea turtle as a pet if they weren’t endangered. Instead, I do what I can to help out! :)

Well, that was my first attempt at a blog entry! Please leave some comments, either about the stories I posted, about how you think I did, or any questions/comments about me. Please keep things nice, and if you have anything else to say thats more than constructive criticism, please keep them to yourselves. Thanks and hope you enjoyed! :)



4 thoughts on “First attempt at a blog page, or A glimpse into Sarah’s Crazy Little World

  1. Very awesome first entry, Ms. Sarah. :) I must say, that even in this first post of yours, I have learned SO much about you that I honestly never knew before. I can’t wait to learn SO much more about you and your interests through these awesome posts. <3 :)

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