Vikings, Pirates, Power Rangers and More! OH MY!

Hi Everyone! Hope you enjoyed the first post I made, and what do you know, I quickly came up with more awesome news and links basically as soon as I wrote that, so here’s post #2!

This week started off for me with VIKINGS in the news! Now I don’t know what you all know about Vikings, but there are so many misconceptions about them out there, your minds will be blown once you read up on them, I really urge you to!

The main story that is in the news this week is the official announcement of the 2nd identified Viking site on North American soil. Since the 1960′s, the only verified evidence of Vikings in America is L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland, which when I am able to make it there, I can cross another thing off my bucket list! This site has been regarded as the farthest West the Vikings came across the Atlantic, though Viking/Scandinavian historical and archaeological records abound with sites in Greenland and Iceland dating since 1000 C.E. So the evidence of this new site on Baffin Island in the Nunavut province of Canada gives satisfaction to all out there who have been scratching their heads wondering if and where more evidence of a Viking presence would be. The conclusions made in this story suggests that this site may have been the location of a summer hunting/fishing camp, with the buildings at L’Anse aux Meadows serving as a base camp where they would spend their winters. Evidence also indicates that there may have been peaceful relations with native peoples, the Dorset culture. (Also you should check out the “Vikings and Native Americans” story linked in the story as well!)

The face carved on this walrus tusk found on Baffin Island possesses more European than Native American features, what do you think?

So while we are talking about Vikings, I’ve got a couple more cool stories to share. This story just blew my mind, because I do not know why in all my years of knowing about and loving to hear about Vikings, Atlantic voyages, and settlements in Greenland and North America, it never crossed my mind that possibly the Vikings and Native Americans may have reproduced together, and I always thought Bjork and other Icelanders looked sort-of Mongoloid (Native American-looking). :p

How cool are Viking ships????? :)

Now the Vikings are also most famous for the raiding, plundering, sailing, and trading they did in the 9th century C.E. across Europe, especially in the British Isles. They also settled in certain parts of England: one of my favorite cities in England, York, was known as Jorvik back during the Dark Ages, and thanks to the Vikings, an abandoned Roman town is today the awesome place it is!

So when I read this, showing that native Anglo-Saxons sometimes were able to stand up against the Viking invaders when they had enough of be raided, trampled, and killed. Some things like that really make my day :)

Ok, call me a dork, but I’m excited over this pit of Viking skulls! :p


Ok, now moving on from Vikings now, sort of. In Sarah’s little world, you can’t talk about Vikings without talking about PIRATES! I really don’t know why, but something about pirates appeal to me on some fantastical romantic level, and I think pirates are pretty rawkin! :p But though we all like to observe Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day, apparently we aren’t really talking like pirates! Turns out what we think as pirate-talk was actually originated by an actor portraying Long John Silver in Treasure Island movie remake. So for all of you who are all HUGE Pirates of the Caribbean fans like me, looks like pirates talked more like Will Turner and less like Captain Jack Sparrow and Barbosa. Honestly I don’t really care, give me Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow any day! ;)

When you mix some of my favorite things: Johnny Depp and pirates, you get Captain Jack Sparrow- could it get any better!? :D

This week I also came across this link. Now I don’t know if I ever really thought about whatever happened to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but found these “Where are they now?” pictures interesting, and actually learned a couple things, haha. First of all, the guy who was the Blue Ranger is gay, and prejudice against him onset was what made him leave, who knew? Also, I was kind of blown away when they show a definitely Asian Rita Repulsa next to a picture of a very Caucasian woman. I was like “WHAT?!?!?!!?! Are you seriously blowing my mind with makeup I have underestimated all these years?” Apparently they were NOT: checking around the above Wikipedia link, I found out they used the villian footage from the original Japanese version of MMPR and had an American actress dub over the English lines. Another fact checking that was necessary was the confusion I had over the “recent” photo of the Yellow Ranger, because I swore I heard she had passed away several years ago. Yeah I was right, and I don’t know if that photo is of her before she passed or a very convincing look-alike. Otherwise, seems like everyone else is doing o.k. and heads above water since then…….

Lol, I didn’t feel like putting up a Power Rangers picture, so I thought I would use this! :p Very true though! :)

This last link, I would write something about my thoughts about this video from a game show in 1956, but I will let the individual who wrote this talk about the time-space continuum that I rarely believe in the video presents, and leave you with the comment by the person I got this link from: “Woah.”

One of those unfortunate moments when you wish you had an time machine and a dislike button :/


Again, hope you all enjoyed these stories! I would love to hear your thoughts and comments you may have on any of them! Until next time! :)


2 thoughts on “Vikings, Pirates, Power Rangers and More! OH MY!

  1. Your blog entries are so awesomely unique, sweetie. Somehow you combine such unique topics and it all makes sense and is extremely interesting. Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to read more. :)

  2. Congrats on the blog. I have often wanted to do this. I liked your discussion of the new Viking finds. I heard Dr. Sutherland give a presentation on this at the conference in St John’s a few weeks ago. I also met and talked with her afterward. It was great meeting her as I have read some of her work. The research has uncovered some amazing findings. I was blown away. The Norse in North America is a special subject area of interest to me. With time, more will be found of these needles in the haystack.

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